Dr. Katie Larson's Research Published on Postwar Italian Prints and Printmaking

September 30, 2023
Print Quarter Cover September 2023

Art History Professor, Dr. Katie Larson's research appears in the latest edition of Print Quarterly. Her article, entitled, Screenprinting in Postwar Italy: Nuvolo and the Invention of ‘Serotipie’ explores the early uses of screen-printing by artists in Europe during the 1940s and ’50s.

Dr. Larson’s research examines avant-garde artistic activity in postwar Italy. She is currently at work on a book manuscript on the early career of Italian artist Alberto Burri (1915–95), which will advance a fundamentally new understanding of the prominent mixed media artist and his circle in Rome.

For more information on Dr. Larson's Work: https://art.artsandsciences.baylor.edu/person/katie-larson-phd