Department of Art and Art History

The Department of Art and Art History offers students the finest undergraduate education with an exceptional faculty, formative curriculum, and outstanding facilities. Our professors are ready to help you engage with the content in an exciting and creative manner. Our faculty remain committed to helping you develop the foundational skills, knowledge, and work ethic necessary to pursue a rewarding career in the visual arts or art history.

Why Study Art and Art History at Baylor

In an increasingly visual world, the demand for the skills of artists, designers, and art historians is growing. Whether creating with paint, pencil or charcoal on canvas or paper; with tactile materials such as clay, fibers, metal or wood; with light on photographic paper; or with pixels on a computer screen - artists and designers play a key role in communicating ideas, information and aesthetics.

The Department of Art and Art History promotes the study of Art History through lectures, seminars, museum visits, and guest speakers. The program seeks to encourage critical thinking, close looking, and analytical writing through the study of art and culture.

Baylor's Department of Art and Art History is unique as it offers students a wide array of classes within a broad range of artistic areas and disciplines while challenging them to think creatively and critically: preparing them to enter the professional visual world or advanced study.

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Baylor University's Department of Art and Art History maintains world class studio facilities that encompass cutting edge technology and state-of-the-art equipment allowing students' imagination to have no bounds. Our smart classrooms provide the latest in computer and presentation equipment for contemporary instruction. The goal is to give our students access to industry-standard practise and equipment so they can move seamlessly into their professional careers.

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Josh Martin
Graphic Design

Walt Disney Imagineering

Erica Thorpe

Christie's Auction House, New York

Cade Kegerris

Full Time Muralist and Painter