Martin Museum Exhibition Participants Share Expertise with Studio and Art History Classes

September 19, 2023

This past week, the Martin Museum of Art hosted a series of events for their current exhibition Narrative as Reality: Constructing an Identity featuring curator Dr. Valerie Gillespie, and exhibition artists Abi Salami and Dominic Chambers. Beyond the public presentations, the three art professionals engaged with several Studio Art and Art History classes.

Photographed here are critiques with Painting Professor Winter Rusiloski’s class and discussion with Dr. Heidi Hornik’s Art History class. We are so honored by their participation and are so grateful for all of their imparted experience and wisdom. Thank you, Dr. Gillespie, Ms. Salami, and Mr. Chambers!

Martin Museum Exhibition Curator Dr. Valerie Gillespie, and Artist's Abi Salami and Dominic Chamber with Dr. Heidi Hornik's Art History Class and Professor Winter Rusiloski's Painting Class